How the idea came about
Txus Cía creates in 2002 Josenea, a labor non-profit organization, with the purpose of working for people who for different reasons find more difficulties when accessing to employment.

Our mission is to serve as a springboard for workers to get a job, in close collaboration with the Navarrese Employment Service and the Navarrese Institute of Social Welfare.

Josenea is created as a socio labor center which has as a target the insertion of those who are under social exclusion by creating small business projects. The activities they carry out have a high social and environmental value recognized by the quality of its products, dignity for employees and its economic sustainability.

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To be able to fulfill the main target of the socio labor insertion we decided to support a sustainable and respectful with the environment activity that could simultaneously be a source wealth for the territory: the ecological cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. In Josenea we think that one of the main factors for social exclusion is unemployment.

Creating employment opportunities among disadvantaged groups or people is a key tool in the fight against social exclusion and the path to personal self-fulfillment.

We take priority over people without forgetting Nature, respecting it in each of the processes we carry out in our activity and encouraging the sustainable ecological values across our environment.


Josenea settles in a rural area of Navarra, specifically in Lumbier. Farming lands and greenhouses are in Bordablanca on the Irati riverside.

The decision to locate in a rural area stemmed from the fact that the resources of this nature concentrate on the Region of Pamplona, in disadvantage for the rural areas. Also, the types of activities chosen are well suited to the type of people employed by our company.

Furthermore, we have to emphasize that Lumbier is a very interesting area when it comes to development of our activity, due to its natural wealth and because our project has been socially understood and supported from the beginning.

Environmental services
Josenea has an environmental services section which is in charge of the recovery of degraded areas and the maintenance and creation of landscaped areas especially in rural spaces.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in the sector, offering gardening solutions to public, private and particular entities based on quality criteria and of social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

Our team is formed by a combination of technical staff and people who work on their labor insertion. We carry out the works with a double objective; satisfy our clients thanks to offering personalized projects and being environmentally friendly. 

Garden design

Design, conditioning and maintenance of private or public gardens.


Braiding, restocking, path’s cleaning, water treatment.


Design and decoration of rural or urban areas.

Green waste management

Collection and chopping of green waste for composting production.

Forestry projects

Forestry work, restoration of banks, plantations, thinning and pruning.


Facilities cleaning, chlorine inspection, environmental arrangements and documentation, cemetery cleaning.