It's official! For the second consecutive year we have achieved the prestigious stars of The Great Taste Award. The Great Taste Award is the yearly international competition that takes place in London and it’s dedicated to the gourmet products of different categories that are distinguished by their exceptional taste.


The maximum unique expression of Green Tea arrives at Josenea. Matcha tea, obtained through the grounding of the green leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, is a concentrate of antioxidant properties, equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. In an ordinary infusion of green tea, only a fraction of its properties are extracted, carried away by the hot water. In the case of Matcha we can instead take advantage of the potential of this plant in terms of vitamins, antioxidant minerals and amino acids. Rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that relaxes and gives energy without tiring out, it is necessary to take into account also that the Matcha has a high concentration in theine.


Josenea takes up the production and marketing of the Stevia plant since it was outlawed at the end of last year thanks to an EU resolution allowing it to be widespread its production and use in all EU member countries. The Stevia plant is a 100% natural sweetener, which contains 0 calories and virtually no carbohydrates. As a result of this, there is no effect on the glycemic index, which means that there is no effect on blood sugar level. The safety of Stevia for human consumption has been thoroughly investigated in more than 200 studies. The US FDA And the FAO/OMS Joint  Comission Experts on Food Additives, have declared Stevia safe for human consumption. Therefore, Stevia reduces blood sugar levels and fights diabetes.


By the hand of Camille teddy bear, we present the new functional infusions designed to children and their little annoyances. Inspired by our successful Special Health Line, we propose 3 different mixtures in the comfortable format of 15 organic pyramids of Soilon (material made from cornstarch):


Special Sweet Dreams - Lavender, Lemon Balm, Hop and Lemon Verbena.
Special Breathing - Thyme, Elder, Licorice, Mint.
Special Happy stomach - Fennel, Ginger, Green Anise, Cumin.

In Josenea we don´t stop thinking about how improve, innovate and deliver products that satisfy our highest quality standards and your needs. Therefore, from your opinions and suggestions, has emerged the idea of creating the Special Health in a new format.

Now, this original mixes of our 100% ecological plants could be enjoyed in our comfortable pyramid filters. Each package contains 15 pyramidal filters made of a biodegradable cornstarch called soilon, which unlike nylon, does not release toxic agents when placed in contact with water at high temperatures.


Keeping the original spirit of Josenea to produce exclusively organic and healthy products, these 10 mixtures are further step in our ambition to consolidate our position as a leading brand in the organic sector for our quality and “know how”.


We are pleased to announce that we have obtained the recognition of "Tourist Quality Commitment" granted by the SICTED thanks to our clear and constant commitment to quality and innovation in our tourist offer and for pursuing the experience of tourists is fully satisfactory.

In line with this commitment, from Josenea we organize guided tours for groups of all ages in our land Bordablanca located in Lumbier. This tour allows us to show both the reality of organic farming and the quality of our cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, and our commitment and coherence with the socio-labor project that we defend.


This is a recognition for the efforts and commitment with the quality and continuous improvement of Josenea and although it is reviewed annually its validity is biennial.


The SICTED, the largest project of tourism developed in Spain, is promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and supported by the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), among other institutions. Its main objective is to improve the experience and satisfaction of tourists and therefore promotes homogeneous quality level at each destination.


We opened our land from Monday to Friday for free visits from 9:00 to 14:00. We also do guided tours in 2 different shifts, one at 10:00 and another at 12:00 (weekends included on request).

To plan a guided tour and learn all the secrets of our project and growing organic plants call us at 948 880 696 or email us at 


Josenea achieves the Non-GMO Project certificate

Josenea has got the Non-GMO Project certificate which assures consumers that our plants are genetically unmodified.

What is the Non-GMO Project certificate?

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve the cultivation of non-GMO food and offer verified alternatives.

Why does not our packaging in Spain have this seal?

The Non-GMO Project certificate is only valid in the United States. Although since 2014 Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that allows the use of this type of seed in conventional crops, the European ecological certification prohibits this practice.

In Josenea, as you know, all our products are 100% organic and certified.

GM in the world

The environmental association "Friends of the Earth," states that "90% of GM crops are found in just six countries: the United States, Argentina, Brazil, India, Canada and China, which are produced only by 1% of the farmers the world. "

*Not all our products have NON GMO Project certificate.

Josenea has seriously being following through all resolutions set for the New Year. Now, we can already cross off the list one which we’ve been working on to fulfill. 

It has taken us some time and it hasn’t been easy but we really wanted you to get to know better our project and offer a more intuitive navigation. That’s why we have insisted so much on creating a website to resolve Your and Our needs.


As Josenea is a project by and for the people we believe it is essential not only to spread and transmit our philosophy, but also to include you in our day to day, because you are certainly part of Josenea.


This is why we have built a website which transmits, just as our farm, values ​​such as innovation, transparency, proximity and social commitment, which have always distinguished our social project.  


Enjoy your first visit!