Josenea takes up the production and marketing of the Stevia plant since it was outlawed at the end of last year thanks to an EU resolution allowing it to be widespread its production and 
use in all EU member countries. The Stevia plant is a 100% natural sweetener, which contains 0 calories and virtually no carbohydrates. As a result of this, there is no effect on the glycemic index, which means that there is no effect on blood sugar level. The safety of Stevia for human consumption has been thoroughly investigated in more than 200 studies. The US FDA And the FAO/OMS Joint  Comission Experts on Food Additives, have declared Stevia safe for human consumption. Therefore, Stevia reduces blood sugar levels and fights diabetes.


Stevia is a native shrub to northern Paraguay and adjacent areas of Brazil. The leaves of the plant have been used by the Guaraní Indians tribe since pre-Columbian times to sweeten food. The Swiss naturalist Moisés Santiago Bertoni was the first one to describe the species scientifically in the Upper Paraná. Subsequently, the Paraguayan chemist Ovidio Rebaudi published in 1900 the first chemical analysis that had been made of it. In that analysis, Rebaudi discovered a glycoside sweetener capable of sweetening 200 times more than refined sugar, but without the counter-productive effects that it produces in the human body. The species was officially baptized by Bertoni in his honor as Eupatorium rebaudiana, or Stevia rebaudiana. 1 In Japan, stevia has been consumed since the early 1970s..


According to the American Diabetes Association, Stevia is an excellent substitute for sugar, especially for people with diabetes. The leaf contains a compound called ‘Steviol Glucoside’, which is not absorbed or knocked over by the body, so it is expelled directly from our system. In addition, it stabilizes the sugar level of a person's diabetes by increasing insulin resistance, inhibits the absorption of glucose in the body and improves the health of the pancreas. The American Diabetes Association has confirmed according to their studies that Stevia infusion is one of the best mixes one can take to keep blood sugar under control. Stevia is also very useful in reducing blood pressure in people with hypertension.


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