It's official! For the second consecutive year we have achieved the prestigious stars of The Great Taste Award. The Great Taste Award is the yearly international competition that takes place in London and it’s dedicated to the gourmet products of different categories that are distinguished by their exceptional taste.

In 2016 we had obtained a star with our blend “Fennel-Chamomile-Stevia”, in the "Herbal infusion inc. tea bags" category. This year, we are really pleased to announce that our organic Pennyroyal, undoubtedly one of the most intense and distinctive plants from our farm, has been awarded with two stars, in the "Single estate tea, loose" category, with the following organoleptic description:


“Extraordinarily aromatic both as leaf and infusion.  The liquor is clear and golden and the menthol notes are so powerful they forge their way through all nasal and retrogustal cavities!  Bright, clear, peppery yet cool pennyroyal flavour with remarkable persistence.   Essentially a simple flavour, but there's a pleasing roundness to the mouthfeel, contrasting with the bright, sharp mint notes.  A great example.”


It is also thanks to all your support that we have been able to achieve this new award.