To isolate the plant of any moisture, our plants in bulk are packed in an original kraft paper. 

Our K line infusions are functional mixtures which meet specific needs. They are suitable for all and all budgets. 

The pyramid filters allow an ideal dispersion of the aroma of our infusions and teas. They are also made in a biodegradable cornstarch textile called soilon, which unlike nylon does not detach poisonous agents when it gets in touch with water at high temperatures. 

Inspired by ancient recipes, the 10 extraordinary mixtures in bulk of the Special line meet perfectly the needs of the consumer.

Our capsules, compatible with any machine that admits the Nespresso format, allow preparation of traditional ecological and natural infusions in a fast and more comfortable way while it maintains its traditional flavor and aroma.

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Our 100 % handmade mixtures of plants and ecological vegetables with salt extracted straight from the Gold Salinas, represents the ideal dressing for every course. 

7 combinations of our most aromatic culinary mixtures of plants for every culinary application: Provencal Herbs, barbecue, white meats, salads … 

Our chocolates without soy lecithin or vanillin, combine the most select and authentic traditional flavor with the most aromatic plants from our own crops.

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Special Care

Our intense propoleo flavor pills, from ecological beehives, also combine the properties of the eucalyptus and pine. 

Green coffee is well known for its dietetic properties. Josenea presents its combination with Birch, a natural diuretic.

The Kalma and Woman extracts are complex formulations made out of liquid extracts from several plants to maximize the active properties. 

Following the formulation of the most prestigious alchemists, our Hypericum Oil has been macerated with the best olive oils to highlight its properties. 

To make use of all the energy concentrated after its long winter sleep, Josenea’s Birch Sap is collected in early spring.

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Josenea invites you to submerge into the captivating kingdom of odors through its new essential oils. Discover and perceive the world through the sense of smell. Pink geranium, lavender, peppermint… 100 % pure. 

Our chemotyped essential oils, essential requisite to be able to benefit from the therapeutic effects, guarantee that they have been analyzed and meet the maximum quality and safety requirements.

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Irati Organic
In Josenea we have tried to make honest Cosmetics. With this term we refer to cosmetics which are respectful to our skin and environmentally friendly. Using as many medicinal and aromatic plants 100 % ecological provided by Asociación Laboral Josenea, has inspired Irati Organic to ensure the highest quality in each and every product, avoiding the harmful elements of traditional cosmetics.

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