Non-profit association

      From the beginning Josenea decided that the entity’s purpose would not be a simple economic benefit. This is why a socio labor non-profit organization was set up, to reinvest profits in the development of the social project.

The main aim of our company is to serve as a bridge for workers to find a job, in our own association, in other companies or thanks to self-employment. Job training and the acquisition of work habits makes a person achieve sufficient autonomy and guarantee their incorporation into the labor market with full guarantee of success. The people that we hire come from the Social services of Pamplona, Sangüesa, Aoiz, Salazar and Roncal (in the case of people that are in risk or situation of social exclusion) and from the Navarrese Service of Employment (in the case of people who are older than 40-year-old and out of work for more than one year.

Labor Integration Centre
Currently the number of hired people from the insertion process amounts to 17. Josenea in its daily functioning acts like a real company, so that training is effective and not to create excessively protected and finalist labor spaces. To that end, Josenea’s technical team always works with the target of giving the best formation in a production of high quality.

The company has among its staff a technical person experienced in socio labor accompaniment.

Since 2002, more than the 85% of people upgraded their personal and labor situation after the experience in Josenea.
In 2016, 5 workers achieved a stable job. In 2017 we repeated the same great result.