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Josenea Organic Farm
Finca ecológica de Josenea

Camino Bordablanca, s/n (acces from Tabar Highway)
Lumbier 31440 Navarra
Coordenates: 42.66035, - 1.32009

Phone:  +34 948 880 696
Guided tours

Guided tours are conducted for groups of all ages to our aromatic and medicinal plantation located in Bordablanca in Lumbier. 

The Bordablanca farm, with an extension of 13 hectares, is a space in which we can learn more about organic farming, taking a look at the work carried out inside the greenhouse, the nursery, the plants dryer, the composting area and the plots where about 60 different varieties of plants, shrubs and trees with medicinal and aromatic properties are cultivated.

There is also a house made with green building criteria equipped with solar and wind energy, toilets/composting that allow us to see in practice the functioning of the operation of this alternative construction. 

Guided tours last approximately one hour and the ideal number of people per group is 25.

Irati Harmonization Center
Booking / Information
Our Farm Bordablanca is open for free visits from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm.

To plan a guided tour and discover from within all the secrets of our project and cultivation of ecological plants, simply fill out this form, call +34 948 880 696 or write to You have available two different guided tours, at 10am and at 12 am. On Saturdays we ask for 5 people minimum, while on Sundays 10 people.
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